Conquering Oslo Innovation Week

Time of publication: 6 months ago

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Conquering Oslo Innovation Week

At the end of September, we had a unique opportunity to participate in Oslo Innovation Week 2022 to present our ideas related to AI-supported fertility treatment. During one of the events, “It’s a match”, organised to bridge Polish and Norwegian innovators, we pitched our ideas to the demanding jury and competed with 7 other startups.

The competition was tough, but we won! Our CSO, Piotr Sankowski, received an award from the jury on behalf of all employees working on FOLLISCAN and EMBRYOAID.

FOLLISCAN is an AI tool that helps medical doctors in analysing results of ultrasound examination of women’s ovarian reserves. It reduces the time necessary to interpret the video by incorporating deep learning and explainable AI methods – this way doctors can focus more on their patients and improve their diagnosis and treatment without the loss of information and diligence, which is provided by a fully interpretable ML model.

EMBRYOAID improves women’s fertility by identifying highest quality embryos to be transferred during IVF procedure based on a large number of time-lapse photos of human embryos. The AI system reduces cost and time of the procedure while simultaneously increasing its effectiveness, being a win-win solution both for embryologists and the patients.

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