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Machine Learning Vision Expert

Time of publication: 1 year ago

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Machine Learning Vision Expert

What can you expect from MIM Solutions?

Our team consists of high-class machine learning experts, mainly graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw. We specialize in solving practical ML problems.  We provide the most modern solutions – predictive systems, automatic categorization, behavioral segmentation and recommendation systems.  

MIM Solutions is the professional challenge of a lifetime. You’ll be surrounded by an impressive group of brilliant minds working to advance our goal of making artificial intelligence real. We are looking for experienced specialists who want to think outside the box, bring new ideas that drive new insight instead of applying old solutions to new problems.

Brief Job Description

At MIM Solutions, we are looking for people who combine knowledge and ambition with optimism and creativity, who are interested in changing the world into a better place. We offer very interesting work on innovative projects related to deep learning and computer vision for medical purposes including the interpretation of ultrasound examinations and the assessment of embryo development after in-vitro fertilization procedure. The work will mostly consist of building innovative solutions based on deep neural networks, including video data analysis and 3D data analysis.


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