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Research Manager

Time of publication: 4 weeks ago

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Research Manager

What can you expect from MIM Fertility?

MIM Fertility is an innovative company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence-based software that revolutionizes the in vitro fertilization process. Currently, at a crucial juncture in our development – the commercialization of our products – we are seeking a Research Manager.


1. Education
– Higher education in a field related to biological or medical sciences.

2. Professional Experience:
– Experience in managing research projects, especially in the field of reproductive health or reproductive biology.
– Preferred experience in working in the medical or pharmaceutical industry.

3. Research Skills:
– Familiarity with research methodology and the ability to design and conduct scientific research.
– Ability to analyze data and interpret research results.

4. Industry Knowledge:
– Understanding of the field of reproductive medicine, including the latest trends, technologies, and research.

5. Communication Skills:
– Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
– Ability to present research results to management and the research team.

6. Leadership Skills:
– Ability to effectively lead a research team.
– Decision-making skills and the ability to manage research projects.

7. Foreign Language Proficiency:
– English language proficiency at level C1.

8. Creativity:
– Ability to think creatively and adopt innovative approaches in conducting research.

9. Soft Skills:
– Conscientiousness and accuracy, communicativeness.

10. Professional Ethics:
– Awareness and adherence to ethical principles in the field of scientific research, especially in the context of reproductive medicine and health.


  • Research Planning and Design: Defining research objectives, developing research strategies, creating action plans, and budgets necessary for the implementation of research projects.
  • Team Management: Coordinating the work of the research team, overseeing project progress, and assigning tasks to efficiently achieve the established research objectives.
  • Data Analysis: Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data gathered during research to provide relevant information for the organization.
  • Reporting: Creating clear reports with research results, presenting them to decision-makers or stakeholders in an understandable and valuable manner.
  • Proposal Preparation: Collaborating with the sales team to develop research proposals tailored to the needs of potential clients.
  • Market Trends Monitoring: Tracking market changes, identifying new research opportunities, and adjusting research strategies to current industry trends.
  • Resource Management: Ensuring adequate resources, including human, financial, and technological, for the effective implementation of research projects.
  • Collaboration with Other Departments: Actively communicating with other organizational departments such as marketing, product, or development to understand their research needs and provide them with relevant decision-supporting information.

We offer:

  • Flexible employment options – B2B or UoP
  • Professional independence and autonomy
  • Satisfaction from developing an innovative business
  • Option to work in a hybrid model or at our office in Warsaw; remote work as a last resort
  • Flexible working hours, limited only by team meetings
  • Enjoyable and friendly work atmosphere at our office located in Ochota, Warsaw
  • Benefits – MultiSport Card, MultiLife, private health insurance (Medicover)

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