AI empowered IVF

Higher in vitro fertilization success rates. Lower human and financial costs.

A human eye misses one out of three follicles.

No more lost chances. Our AI algorithm finds most follicles and recommends the best retrieval day. One more blastocyst for each patient.

Follicle counting during ultrasound examination is widely used in infertility diagnostics. Observing follicle growth dynamics helps choose the proper time and hormonal stimulation intensity.

The whole process is controlled via ultrasound observation. The medical expert determines follicle identification and diameter with his eyes only. The tricky task is distinguishing other elements that may be confused with follicles.

FOLLISCAN automates imaging ultrasonography expert workflow, helping to precisely identify and count follicles on ultrasonogram video.

Embryo selection impacts the most important KPI of every IVF clinic: ‘per transfer’ success rate.

Imagine a precise choice. You do not need to. We made it possible with AI.

One of the biggest challenges in the IVF procedure is the lack of objective and accurate indicators when deciding which embryo has the best chance of implanting permanently in the uterus. Now the key to success is the choice of the embryologist, dictated by years of training and experience, as well as the support of appropriate tools, which are not id

The application automatically identifies high-quality embryos based on a single image. The algorithm learned to recognize the best embryos from an immense library of human embryo images.

Our solutions provide fully interpretable results. You and your patient surely will understand them.

How do our solutions assist reproductive medicine experts?

We have created reliable AI software to help you achieve better results faster. Check how it can improve your work and test them for free.

Increased efficacy

Folliscan detects 93% of large follicles compared to highly skilled professionals.

Reduced costs

Working with AI tools restricts the time needed to select an embryo or run an ultrasound examination, releasing professionals’ workdays and lowering clinic costs.

Improved IVF success rates

Selection of the most viable embryo raises the IVF’s success rates from 30 to 40 %. Precise counting of follicles helps accurate drug dosing and pick-up date set.


Folliscan limits the patient visits from six to two during the IVF cycle. The patient can go for an ultrasound checkup at the nearest gynecological office. The solution raises the clinic’s capacity and allows scaling up, reaching patients living far more.

Standardised workflow

Standardised workflow makes examinations less monotonous and inconvenient. It also restricts the time of oocyte pickup and drug dosing.


Lower psychological costs

In vitro fertilization process may last for months or even years. AI solutions help shorten the time needed for success and the emotional costs for parents. Also, healthcare professionals feel the pressure to make the right choices. AI assistance lets them feel confident.

Here’s what doctors are saying about AI-empowered IVF

Group of leading machine learning professionals

At MIM Fertility, we use AI and the power of data to support IVF clinics in turning patients into happy parents. Since 2019, we have been building various AI technologies for IVF.

At MIM Fertility, we are committed to breaking new ground in the fertility world. This means setting new standards for fertility care, revolutionizing the way people experience the journey through infertility and providing better access to fertility treatments worldwide. We will do this by continuing to deliver bespoke and innovative solutions crafted perfectly to different patients’ needs, and by collaborating closely with clinics to standardize, optimize and automate clinical workflows. In addition to creating AI software applications, MIM Fertility is committed to advancing research and collaboration with physicians in order to enhance patient care for women throughout their reproductive lives.

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Why do you need AI?

At MIM Fertility, we use AI and the power of data to support IVF clinics in turning patients into happy parents.



Every year demand for IVF procedures rises about five to ten percent! However, thanks to personalised recommendations based on AI, clinicians can choose the most relevant and least cost-consuming diagnostic and treatment paths.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the success rate of IVF is increasing as the techniques are refined and doctors become more experienced. With our AI technology, we can automate many time-consuming procedures and put the knowledge and experience of highly skilled healthcare professionals into every clinician’s hands, increasing patients’ chances for pregnancy.



Every IVF cycle costs about 10 to 15 thousand USD. For patients, many cycles of treatment are financially and emotionally exhausting. Predictive systems, such as EMBRYOAID, can reduce the number of attempts by, for example, choosing an embryo with the best chance of developing into pregnancy.

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