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Why should I use AI software in an IVF clinic?

The use of Al brings the promise of the automation of many tedious and time-consuming human processes. Considering the current market demand for highly qualified medical staff, the automation of processes can bring assistance and ensure the consistent provision of services in the face of the constantly growing demand for IVF. Thanks to Al, the automation of, e.g., ovarian reserve ultrasound examinations will allow the transfer of the skills and knowledge of highly qualified medical experts into the hands of each service provider. 

Al-based recommendation system for an optimal hormonal stimulation protocol based on available clinical data, including DNA polymorphisms and the relationship of specific polymorphisms with other features.

The use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) by infertile couples is increasing by 5% to 10% per year. With the constantly growing demand for fertility diagnostics, we face a global challenge to increase the effectiveness of assisted reproductive techniques. Thanks to personalised recommendation systems based on Al, doctors can create the most effectual and cost-effective diagnosis and treatment paths.

Shortening the treatment process on the patient's side is one of the critical challenges faced by every IVF clinic. Artificial intelligence, including predictive systems, can help shorten this process by reducing the number of attempts made per cycle. Predictive systems are able, better than humans, to predict specific processes and phenomena, such as which embryo will give rise to a healthy pregnancy.

Is it hard to learn how to work with the software?

The app uses standard microscope images of embryos. Just drag and drop images of embryos. Our products were designed in consultation with doctors, and the output results are fully explainable. Moreover, you have the support of our qualified team eager to resolve any complex problem. 


How much does EMBRYOAID cost?

No set-up or subscription fees. Pay-per-use instead of standard payment. This means that the small cost per cycle will be charged. Our payment plans start from 30 USD per cycle.

How much money will EMBRYOAID save?

Every IVF cycle defined as ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer may cost from 15 to 30 thousand USD, depending on the clinic and individual patient needs. Hormonal medication for patient stimulation can account for up to 35% of these charges. 

EMBRYOAID helps choose an embryo that may develop into a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, the solution reduces the number of IVF cycles needed for achieving pregnancy.

Every year in fertility treatment clinics patients undergo 2 million IVF cycles. Using our AI solution may decrease this count by about 60 thousand, which means at least 900 million USD savings worldwide yearly.

What is more, women after unsuccessful in vitro fertilization procedures tend to change a clinic. Higher success rates will stop patient retention.

How qualified is EMBRYOAID?

Our tests show that EMBRYOAID selects human embryos with the precision of skilled embryologists with 30 years of experience.

Is EMBRYOAID compatible with my EMR system?

Yes, it is compatible with all Electronic Medical Record systems available on the market.

Is EMBRYOAID compatible with my embryoscope or microscope?

Yes, the application is compatible with all embryoscopes and microscopes available on the market. We guarantee instant set up and on-demand access to MIM Solutions. 


How much does FOLLISCAN cost?

FOLLISCAN costs 20 USD per examination.

How much money will FOLLISCAN save?

FOLLISCAN may save even 10 million USD yearly only in the USA.

Is FOLLISCAN better than a healthcare professional?

Software drives as well as highly qualified professionals. Our tests show that FOLLISCAN detects 30% more follicles than an average radiologist.

Is FOLLISCAN compatible with my EMR system?

Yes, it is compatible with all Electronic Medical Record systems available on the market.

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