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Our AI product selects the most viable embryos based on images.


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We developed the EMBRYOAID application based on artificial intelligence algorithms to assist embryo selection for IVF.

Second opinion for every decision made by the embryologist

Nowadays, assessing which embryo is the best one depends on the embryologist’s experience and attentiveness alone. 

EMBRYOAID automatically ranks and identifies the most promising embryos based on an extensive collection of time-lapse images. The algorithm has learned from films and images of embryos to recognise the process of their maturation and with perfect precision, to select which embryo has the best prognosis to develop into a pregnancy.

We did a clinical evaluation, showing 150 embryos to embryologists from different clinics for evaluation. The AI choices were as good as those made by the best embryologists with 30 years of experience.

AI supports world-class embryologists to make better decisions

EMBRYOAID automatically ranks and identifies the most promising embryos based on an extensive collection of time-lapse images.

The currently available tools to support this decision-making are limited, highly subjective, usually time-consuming, and often very expensive.

What’s more, they are available only in the most expensive clinics in the world.

As a result, embryologists often rely on their experience and observational skills to select embryos for implantation. In particular, the lack of objective methods for embryo assessment can lead to high variability in the process.

We believe that EMBRYOAID will allow clinicians to select the best embryo, thus reducing the number of IVF cycles needed to achieve a successful pregnancy, improving success rates, and minimizing the risk of multiple pregnancies.

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Who can benefit from EMBRYOAID implementation?

  • Fertility clinics around the world who want to save time and costs while increasing the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization treatment.

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Embryo image and video databases constantly grow thanks to anonymized data provided by our partners.

Join the leading nine IVF clinics in the world. We encourage you to collaborate if you are an in vitro fertilization clinic and want to share your datasets to develop EMBRYOAID and get benefits:

  • use innovative technologies before competitors
  • free-of charge-access
  • application compatible with all types of embryoscopes and microscopes
  • data safety
  • and joint research collaboration.

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