AI/ML - Powered Follicular Monitoring Tool

Our AI/ML-Powered application analyzes transvaginal ultrasound to identify and measure precisely follicles of all sizes.

AI- Powered

Doctors- Inspired

FOLLISCAN is an AI/ML apllication, designed to automatically identify, count, and measure ovarian follicles of all sizes in a 2-second 2D or 3D cine sweep during transvaginal ultrasound.

The FOLLISCAN application, built on cloud technology, provides access to comprehensive data, presenting both raw and annotated ultrasounds side by side. It offers robust analytics to predict the optimal timing for oocyte retrieval based on follicular size and real-time embryology workload predictions, supporting clinical decision-making.

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AI - powered follicular monitoring
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Efficiency boost

Perform follicle analysis 3x more quickly and efficiently.


Streamline your workflow by implementing standardized procedures.

AI- powered precision

Build confidence and assurance for you and your team by fully optimizing workflow for peak efficiency and accuracy.

Increased geographical range

Standardize the entire ultrasound monitoring process, enabling remote procedures and laying the foundation for AI- enhanced network of clinics.


Verify, analyze, and revisit results over time anywhere, anytime.

Second pair of eyes

FOLLISCAN offers a remarkable advancement for clinics seeking to enhance their IVF success rates. Beyond standardization and automation, it accelerates the process and elevates precision.

FOLLISCAN cuts ultrasound analysis time by 2.7x, allowing amazingly fast exam interpretation.

Just 40 seconds per assessment.

FOLLISCAN bridges IVF clinics and patients

FOLLISCAN gives the ability to extend quality care to geographically underserved patients.
By facilitating remote analysis, FOLLISCAN ensures that patients can benefit right from the initial appointment, regardless of geographic limitations.


Time and Precision - Faster and more accurately conducted examinations, resulting in better measurements.

Natalia Gajewska

Working with Digital Scans

The ability to verify and analyze results in the comfort of one's own office without the patient on the examination table.

Consulting with Other Professionals

Sharing scan results and films with other specialists, enhancing diagnosis and therapy.

"Folliscan means no mistakes"

Folliscan controls the quality of scanned examinations, helping users maintain a high standard of work.

Reducing Examination Time

Enables examining significantly more patients in a shorter span.

Revisiting Past Examinations

Reviewing scans after a certain period (e.g., after 6 months) to check for the presence of cysts or other changes.

Effortless integration

Elevate your ultrasound capabilities with FOLLISCAN – seamlessly integrating with your current 2D and 3D ultrasound machines while effortlessly communicating with your EMR. Unlock unparalleled efficiency and precision in fertility management with us.

1. These 4 steps are the only one necessary to run FOLLISCAN.
2. Configuration of the ultrasound machines is required.

Science of success

FOLLISCAN is not only taught to count and measure follicles of all sizes accurately. It opens the door to an increased IVF success rate. Why?

To predict the number of blastocysts. Why is it essential to measure follicles? Even 6% of 10 mm follicles will give blastocysts.* Measuring follicle size and development is a critical part of the IVF process in order to monitor and optimize every stage of the cycle for the best chances of success. Doctors use follicle measurements to track egg maturity, time the hCG trigger shot, estimate egg yield, adjust medications if needed, assess ovarian response, and determine if the cycle should be canceled. Careful follicle monitoring allows IVF cycles to be precisely controlled for optimal outcomes.

To assist a doctor in determining the most suitable trigger day (which can mean 0.5–1 more blastocysts on average).*


Folliscan empowers medical centers, increasing in vitro fertilization success rates raising capacities, reducing costs and assisting healthcare professions in everyday work.

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