FOLLISCAN helps you detect more follicles

Our AI software platform analyzes transvaginal ultrasound to identify and measure precisely follicles of all sizes.

Our goal was to create a platform imitating the expertise of experts and making it available for every healthcare provider. And it happened. Now, thanks to AI gynecologists have access to specialized knowledge.

Qualified AI assistant every imaging ultrasonography specialist should meet

FOLLISCAN is based on a simple but powerful concept: build a technological platform that imitates the expertise of highly qualified medical experts and put this ability in the hands of every healthcare provider.

During the ultrasound examination, the sonographer has to calculate and measure the follicles, which are often faintly visible and not easily seen, and on this basis choose the appropriate hormonal therapy.

The most difficult of all, the examination has to be done at the right time, which is tricky to determine.

We taught the system to count and measure follicles accurately, and it can already predict, with the accuracy of the day, when the patient should be scheduled to come for the egg retrieval.

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FOLLISCAN automatically detects and measures follicles during ultrasound examination.

This is a crucial test as it allows the woman’s fertility to be determined during a given cycle. This test is performed several times during the IVF process and allows the timing of its various stages to be determined. Thanks to FOLLISCAN, the gynecologist and the medical staff will have access to highly specialised medical knowledge, hitherto reserved mainly for a small group of specialists. 

FOLLISCAN will automate many activities that currently have to be performed by a human. This will significantly facilitate diagnostics in the assessment of ovarian reserve, as well as the development of follicles in ovaries. We believe that FOLLISCAN will improve the diagnosis of female fertility and thus contribute to the use of more patient-tailored treatments and increase their effectiveness. Releasing the sonographer’s time and helping focus on the patient.

Identify and measure follicles with FOLLISCAN precisely

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Watch our 3-minute video and learn how your IVF clinic can benefit from EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN today!

FOLLISCAN - for whom?

Who can benefit from FOLLISCAN implementation?

FOLLISCAN was created to support:

  • fertility treatment clinics
  • gynecological offices
  • academic research centers
  • producents of ultrasonography devices
  • diagnostic centers and hospitals

that want to increase in vitro fertilization success rates, raise capacity, reduce costs and assist healthcare professionals in everyday work.

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  • access to the platform/software for testing
  • support of our qualified team

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