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IT team

Our MIM Solutions team takes part in the most advanced research in the area of algorithms, optimization, and AI, which is claimed by their publications.

Piotr Sankowski

CSO and Founder of MIM Solutions

Professor of CS at the University of Warsaw.

Piotr Wygocki​

co-CEO  & Founder of MIM Solutions

Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw. 

Ula Sankowska

co-CEO at MIM Solutions

Economist, 15 years of professional business experience. 

Robert Milewski

Data Vision expert

Assistant Prof. at the Department of Statistics and Medical Informatics of the Medical University of Bialystok.

Marcin Wrochna

ML Specialist

Eilenberg Assistant Professor at MIMUW. Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Oxford.

Andrzej Zapała

ML Specialist

A graduate of MIM UW. Experienced Data Scientist in the field of Computer Vision.

Marcin Zieleń

Senior ML Specialist

A graduate of MIM UW. Outstanding BigData / Python / Machine Learning developer.

Damian Drzyzga

Data Scientist

PhD in Chemistry. He has extensive experience in laboratory work.

Tomasz Gilewicz

ML expert

Several years of experience in the field of machine learning in medicine.

Michał Siennicki

ML expert

A graduate of MIM UW.
Five-time winner of the Mathematical and Computer Science Contests.

Paweł Pawlik

ML expert

A graduate of MIM UW. Two-time winner of the Computer Science scientific contest.

Medical team

The company makes proprietary solutions in the field of preimplantation diagnostics, diagnostics of male and genetic infertility, as well as the assessment of ovarian reserve.

Dorota Białobrzeska-Łukaszuk


Manager with over 20 years of professional experience as CEO of the INVICTA Group.

Michał Kunicki

Gynecologist, INVICTA

Gynecology and obstetrics specialist. Many years of experience in treating partner infertility.

Marta Kotlarz

Manager of CBR INVICTA

A law graduate and an experienced specialist in infrastructure projects and R&D.

Waldemar Kuczyński

Chief expert in embryology

One of the most experienced infertality experts in Poland.

Agnieszka Kuczyńska

Gynaecologist – obstetrician

A member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Bożena Stankiewicz


30 years of experience as a professional embryologist. 

Piotr Sieczyński


Sebastian Deluga-Białowarczuk


Iwo Martynowicz

Laboratory Diagnostician

Anna Gutkowska

Midwife, INVICTA

Martyna Mazur

Midwife, INVICTA

Natalia Gajewska

Midwife, INVICTA

Paulina Sikorska

Midwife, INVICTA

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