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MIM Fertility responds to real-world healthcare problems with machine learning knowledge

Our mission is to create AI-as-a-medical-device solutions that improve the standard of healthcare, specifically IVF treatment.

Group of leading machine learning professionals

We want to turn knowledge about machine learning and deep learning algorithms into practical solutions for medicine. Our AI-driven technologies increase people’s chances of becoming parents. We make diagnosis and treatment more accurate, reducing the time and cost of fertility procedures and delivering better outcomes for patients.

The company was founded in 2019 by PhD Piotr Wygocki and Ula Sankowska. As a group, we originated from the Faculty of MIM (Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw), and over time we have assembled a sparkling array of experts interested in solving practical algorithmic problems efficiently. The group finally evolved towards machine learning.

Founder-led and with mostly PhDs on board, we have the most experienced team of AI and ML specialists in Poland. 

MIM Fertility specifically provides predictive and recommendation systems, analyzing images and video. We have focused on developing AI-powered software platform such as EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN.

We want every couple struggling to have a child to make their dream of parenthood true with AI solutions. Therefore, we combined the most advanced machine learning, imaging solutions, and data mining algorithms with clinical knowledge of reproductive medicine. Our goal is to empower doctors and patients to make well-informed decisions about fertility treatments.

WHY work with us?

Help us advance the future of fertility care.

We understand the healthcare sector’s needs. MIM Fertility creates software hand-in-hand with clinicians and embryologists. This close collaboration ensures that the product responds to real challenges. 

Let’s talk about the solution you need in your healthcare institution.

How did the idea arise?

Focused on security, e-commerce, advertising, and telecommunications during our first years of operation, we later expanded into healthcare.

The pandemic has re-evaluated our priorities. We realized that by bringing this promising technology to the healthcare sector, we could significantly improve people’s lives.

Our founders’ experiences with infertility led them to create AI software to help women, who were also struggling with this challenge.

Fertility disorders are a widespread health problem that affects ca. 300 mln couples worldwide. The diseases impact the quality of life and pose social and financial hardships.

For two years now we have been developing projects in MedFemTech. Our technologies will significantly improve the efficacy of infertility treatment.

We engage ourselves in MedTech because AI and Big Data can improve patient outcomes in fertility care and lower the cost of treatment.

At MIM Fertility, we are providing clinicians with the most efficient and, at the same time, safest machine learning technology, remaining at the forefront of scientific research in this field.

In particular, we build AI models and algorithms that help fertility clinics predict and recommend treatments for patients, helping them achieve successful pregnancies.

Healthcare organizations use MIM’s best-in-class AI technology daily to

  • enhance treatment effectiveness
  • lower costs of money-consuming procedures
  • enable the safe development and deployment of AI

At MIM Fertility, we solve real-world problems with credible scientific research.

With EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN, we positioned ourselves as pioneers in the fertility treatment industry

The product supports the doctor in the ultrasound examination and decision-making process. AI tool identifies and counts follicles in the woman’s ovaries, and predicts oocyte retrieval day.

AI decision support tool for embryologists automatically ranks and prioritizes the most viable embryos for successful in vitro fertilization transfer.

We are building partnerships with IVF clinics and here are our other Ai projects for IVF


Intelligent platform supporting the personalized diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders. The platform suggests the most suitable form of diagnostics and treatment based on patient stories.


AI tool predicts the result of hormonal stimulation and determines drugs’ optimal dose. The solution was implemented in INVICTA on October 1, 2021.

Born in Warsaw, growing up worldwide

At the University of Warsaw, we assembled a group of experts interested in solving practical algorithmic problems efficiently. Finally, the group evolved towards machine learning.

Poland is known for the most talented programmers and data scientists in the world. With a founder-led board and most PhDs among its members, we’ve built the strongest team of AI and ML specialists in Poland.

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Prizes and awards

The work we do is recognised and valued.

Piotr Sankowski

  • NCN Award in the category of natural and technical sciences for the Best Polish Scientist 2018
  • Crystal Brussels Award Winner 2018
  • Laureate of Polish Intelligent Development Award 2019
  • The first Polish scientist to receive three ERC grants
  • Award for the best poster at the 4th International ACM Conference
  • Scholarship ‘Ideas for Poland’ 2010–2015 awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)
  • Laureate of 2005 Witold Lipski Prize

Piotr Wygocki

  • 2023: listed among the 23 most influential Polish individuals in the field of Artificial Intelligence ranking by My Company Polska
  • II place in prestigious Recsys Challenge 2016
  • Winner in the Kaggle Offline competition during KaggleDays Warsaw 2018




Ula Sankowska

  • 2023: listed among the 23 most influential Polish individuals in the field of Artificial Intelligence ranking by My Company Polska
  • Businesswoman of the Year Award, 2022 in category “Leader in new technologies”, awarded by Sukces Pisany Szminką Foundation
  • Excellence in AI Award in the category “AI Entrepreneur” awarded by the PERSPEKTYWY Foundation

MIM Fertility


  • 2023: Women TechEU grant by European Innovation Council and  EISMEA
  • 2021: Scientific grant for an innovative project ‘Advanced methods of modelling virtual processes’ (2020).


Our expertise in machine learning, data science, and healthcare enables us to build solutions that solve complex medical problems. We turn your data into value not only for medical experts but most of all for your patients by providing you with a deeper insight into process automation, recommendation, and prediction.

If you have another idea for resolving patients' health problems, we'd like to hear it!

We’re looking for opportunities where we can help you implement AI technologies in your organisation quickly and efficiently.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help with your AI project, please contact us via the contact form below.

Our two Founders are the members of AI Fertility Society since 2023

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