„AI in Health” conference

Time of publication: 2 years ago

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„AI in Health” conference

AI can make healthcare more proactive and predictable. We know this very well! That’s why we were very pleased to be able to participate in such an important conference as “AI in Health”, which was devoted exactly to issues related to AI in healthcare.

During the conference, we were happy to share our knowledge about how AI supports physicians and medical service units to provide more accurate and reliable diagnoses and treatment plans. We could also share the data from our conducted projects which perfectly prove this. We also presented our femtech solutions – EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN which deal with infertility challenges and boost IVF effectiveness.

We also got to know the strategy of AI implementation in the health policy of Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. Thanks to the team from the Medical University of Wroclaw under the direction of Agnieszka Siennicka and HeartBIT_4.0, who conducted a survey, we could find out what is the level of knowledge about AI among medical employees and students.

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