CEO Piotr Wygocki at the IVF-Worldwide

Time of publication: 3 months ago

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CEO Piotr Wygocki at the IVF-Worldwide

🕒 The Countdown Is Almost Over: In just three days, our CEO Piotr Wygocki will present his point of view at the IVF-Worldwide.

📆 Date & Time: September 23rd, at 13:15
🔶 Session: 11 – “The Role of the Ultrasound in Monitoring Treatment”
🗣 Topic of Presentation: “The Differences Between Different Methods of Measuring Follicles: Decision-Making Process”

Piotr Wygocki will discuss the nuanced variations in follicle measurement techniques and their consequential impact on clinical decision-making within fertility treatments. This session aims to provide a scientific understanding that could be invaluable in refining diagnostic and treatment protocols.

🔗 Registration: If you have not yet registered, you’ll be pleased to know that the process is complimentary. Secure your participation by registering here: [

📋 Scientific Program: For an overview of the full range of topics and presenters, please consult the scientific program: [

We look forward to engaging with you in this highly specialized forum. The discourse promises to be both enlightening and practically applicable.

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