EMBRYOAID in the podcast of Our Stork Association

Time of publication: 7 months ago

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EMBRYOAID in the podcast of Our Stork Association

How can AI support couples undergoing in vitro procedure?

A new episode of the “Our Stork” podcast with the participation of Ula Sankowska (MIM Solutions) and prof. Waldemar Kuczyński, MD, PhD (Kriobank), who talked about the role of modern technologies in the treatment of infertility.

From the podcast you will learn, among other things:

  • How does AI support infertility treatment?
  • What is the concept of EMBRYOAID?
  • What are the first results of research on EMBRYOAID?
  • What is the future of infertility treatment like?

▶ ️ You can listen to the conversation on the website: -waldemar-kuczynski-urszula-sankowska /

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