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Ideas NCBR: there is no border for AI applications today

Time of publication: 10 months ago

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Ideas NCBR: there is no border for AI applications today

Professor Piotr Sankowski, at the University of Warsaw, president of IDEAS NCBR (Polish AI Institute), and CSO at MIM Solutions, gave an interview for the ITwiz portal. The discussion was related to the most outstanding scientific achievements of the development of artificial intelligence, Polish research in this field; the most exceptional applications of AI; the limit of the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, and the role of regulation in this area; as well as supporting work on AI in Poland.

Does Poland have anything to boast about in this area?

Professor Piotr Sankowski: I think we are well on our way to this soon. In recent years, Polish research has only begun to enter the mainstream of machine learning research. This statement may be surprising because Poland has evident achievements in research on the broadly understood artificial intelligence (AI). However, in this sub-field of AI, which has been highly successful recently, we have not been noticed so far. Only recently, in 2021, maybe 2020, scientists working in Poland began to present their achievements at flagship conferences in this field, such as ICML, KDD, NeurIPS / NIPS, or CVPR. This shows that we have started to add our little bricks to creating breakthrough machine learning solutions.

You may read the whole interview in Polish here – read more>>

Source: ITwiz

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