ISO for medical devices is ours!

Time of publication: 7 months ago

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ISO for medical devices is ours!

Since October 7th, MIM Solutions is officially confirmed to be compliant with ISO13485!


What is ISO13485?

It is a standard published by International Organization for Standardization which regulates a set of rules a company must obey regarding production of medical devices. Obeying this set of rules proves that the company aims to deliver highest quality devices and software and is transparent enough in their actions to allow external audit.


How did we achieve it?

After the audit carried out by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, the centre decided that we are compliant with the practices of ISO13485 in design and development, placing on the market, servicing of medical imaging and image analysis software.


Why does it matter?

This certification is our way to show you that we do not only care about transparency and responsibility on paper, but we are willing to show our processes and work to deliver the highest quality and safe products for reproductive care. We also highly believe that this certificate will open more business opportunities for us!

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