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How to facilitate the proper functioning of companies?

Time of publication: 2 years ago

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How to facilitate the proper functioning of companies?

MEDmeetsTECH: technologies help pay off pandemic debt

Medicine and modern technologies form an inseparable duo, the beneficiaries of which are patients and entire health care systems – this is one of the conclusions of the 12th edition of the MEDmeetsTECH conference. During four thematic sessions, the participants had the opportunity to discuss, among other things, the directions of mHealth area development, new technologies in telepsychiatry, or non-drug solutions supporting patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The MEDmeetsTECH conference has become a part of the landscape of events important for healthcare system representatives, science, business, and start-ups. The motto of this year’s meeting was #mHealth and the directions of its development.
Where is #mHealth going?

Experts do not doubt that the patient-centered approach to health applications is one of the trends influencing the development of #mHealth.

This year’s edition of MEDmeetdTECH has also traditionally become an opportunity to present the most outstanding medical start-ups. This year, participants learned about the ideas of Holo4Labs, VR-Learning, CancIR (Life), Doctor.One, Tixon Care (Lekoster), Helfio, Folliscan (MIM Solutions) and Testasy.

The whole article in Polish you may read here – read more>>

Source: Puls Medycyny


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