MedTech News: October 2022

Time of publication: 2 years ago

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MedTech News: October 2022

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AI Fertility Society has just launched


AI Fertility Society was officially launched on October 23rd in Anaheim, CA with its first, inaugural meeting. The mission of the newborn society is to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is implemented ethically and responsibly, maximising access and opportunities for all who seek fertility care.

Why do we think it’s important? Such societies are an important part of the industrial and academic world, as they gather leaders in their fields to work collectively on the better future of fertility care and AI. We’re happy to see AIF opened and we’re looking forward to cooperating in its subcommittees!

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Faster road to commercialization for AI-powered ultrasound innovations


Clarius Mobile Health, the company developing pocket ultrasound scanners, has just launched a new platform called Clarius Marketplace. The platform allows companies that develop AI-powered solutions for ultrasound to commercialise their products faster by integrating it firstly with Clarius products. Doctors who use Clarius products will have an opportunity to test for free the add-ons created by partners in Marketplace, which may include modules to help with diagnosis, improve workflow or automate reporting.

Why do we think it’s important? As a company who creates their own products that improve fertility treatment via analysis of ultrasound videos, we know how important it is to aid doctors with their work on ultrasound. We believe that such marketplaces may create a way to introduce more innovative solutions to the market.

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Automotive industry practices to the help of patients with knee injuries


Researchers from University of Birmingham, together with Autodesk, Manufacturing Technology Centre and the University Hospitals Birmingham, developed a knee implant to treat osteoarthritis using a technique called generative design. Generative design is an artificial intelligence method typically used in aerospace and automotive industries to develop more optimal vehicle parts. It is not known if it was used before in biomedical devices, but this study shows promise to create optimal bio-implants for humans that are not one-size-fits-all, but they are crafted for the specific patient and his case.

Why do we think it’s important? This is another study which shows that AI can be successfully used not to replace doctors, but help them be more effective in their work, this time by creating a well-designed implant for patient’s rehabilitation. AI-powered generative design shows promise not only to customise physical size of the implant, but also incorporate more information about the patient like his physical activity levels.

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Who are we?


MIM Solutions is a company which gathers best-in-class Artificial Intelligence experts from Poland who revolutionise MedTech by creating fertility-improving products (MIM Fertility) and helping other companies reach their highest potential with the use of AI (MIM.AI).


Why are we sharing the news?


We believe that knowledge is power, and therefore we want you to be up to date with what is happening in MedTech. We will share such news at the end of each month to show you how MedTech is growing and how we as MIM Solutions are contributing to this growth. Stay tuned for more interesting information from the MedTech world!

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