MIM Fertility’s Co-CEO Ula Sankowska at Frost & Sullivan’s EmpowerHer Think Tank

Time of publication: 5 months ago

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MIM Fertility’s Co-CEO Ula Sankowska at Frost & Sullivan’s EmpowerHer Think Tank

We are thrilled to announce that our co-CEO, Ula Sankowska, has once again exemplified the pioneering spirit of MIM Fertility by participating as a speaker in the latest EmpowerHer Think Tank Series organized by Frost & Sullivan.

This enlightening session focused on the transformative power of AI in women’s health, offering a deep dive into how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing care by providing personalized insights across a spectrum of fields including oncology, mental health, and fertility.

Ula contributed her extensive knowledge and insights on the integration of AI in fertility care, highlighting the significant strides we are making at MIM Fertility to assist couples on their journey to parenthood. Her discussion underscored the crucial role of AI in enhancing the precision and effectiveness of fertility treatments, an area that stands at the core of our mission.

The “EmpowerHer: The Power of AI in Advancing Women’s Health” think tank on November 8th not only showcased the potential of AI in healthcare but also provided a platform to discuss key growth opportunities in the sector.

For those who missed the live event, the full discussion is available [here].

At MIM Fertility, we are proud to contribute to such important conversations and will continue to advocate for the advancements in women’s health through innovation in artificial intelligence.

Stay tuned for more updates on our endeavors and future events!

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