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A Polish start-up is developing innovative AI algorithms to increase IVF efficiency

Time of publication: 2 years ago

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A Polish start-up is developing innovative AI algorithms to increase IVF efficiency

The “demographic decline” is affecting more and more countries. According to the WHO, a fertility disorder is a civilization disease. In vitro with technological solutions based on artificial intelligence are now in place to meet this challenge. AI solutions bring the promise of increasing the effectiveness of IVF. Polish tech start-up MIM Solutions is producing AI software developed for fertility disorders treatment. The start-up is developing two technological solutions based on artificial intelligence to increase IVF effectiveness. Artificial intelligence will support specialist doctors in the in vitro process. The preliminary technology tests have already shown these solutions to be highly effective. After software certification, MIM Solutions will enter the fertility treatment market, worth $15.74 billion in 2021.

The demographic decline affects more and more countries, including Poland, Western Europe, and the USA. Poland is experiencing the worst demographic situation since World War II. In 2020, the overall fertility rate in the US reached the lowest level in history. According to the WHO, fertility disorder is a civilization disease that affects an increasing percentage of the population at reproductive age. The in vitro procedure offers vital support in solving this challenge; however, it is also expensive and often ineffective. Technological solutions are already under development to support IVF clinics in achieving better results due to this procedure. It is Polish start-up MIM Solutions – a company that implements technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning, among others, in the MedTech industry which develops these solutions. It is a company derived from the University of Warsaw, founded by leading Polish scientists in artificial intelligence, machine, and deep learning. It obtained funds from NCBiR (the Polish National Centre for Research and Development) to develop two innovative technological solutions supporting doctors in the IVF procedure – the EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN projects. The entire article in Polish you may find here – read more>>

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