Posters’ viewing on ESHRE 2023 Copenhagen!

Time of publication: 10 months ago

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Posters’ viewing on ESHRE 2023 Copenhagen!

We are excited to announce that our groundbreaking research papers were presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) 2023 conference in Copenhagen. This prestigious event allowed us to share our innovative studies and demonstrate the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in reproductive medicine.

Our research presentations included:

1. “Automatizing Ovarian Follicle Counting and Measurement with AI”: This study showcased our pioneering work on leveraging AI to automate the process of ovarian follicle counting and measurement, which is crucial in fertility treatments. Our algorithm not only saves valuable time for clinicians but also increases the accuracy of this essential task.

2. “Evaluation of AI-Based, Non-Invasive and Annotation Free EMBRYOAID Software with Embryologists: Time and Prediction”: This research examined the effectiveness and efficiency of our EMBRYOAID software. This AI-driven tool allows embryologists to make accurate predictions about the viability of embryos without invasive procedures, significantly reducing the time and resources required for this task.

3. “Trustworthy AI Algorithm for Embryo Ranking”: In this study, we presented an AI model that can rank embryos based on their potential for successful implantation. This AI-driven ranking system provides a reliable and consistent approach that can help improve the success rates of fertility treatments.

4. “The Size of the Embryo Can Be Used as a Single Predictor for Selecting Embryo for Transfer”: This paper proposed a novel approach to embryo selection based solely on the size of the embryo. This research demonstrated that the size of an embryo can be an effective predictor of its viability, offering a simpler and more streamlined method for embryo selection.

We are incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments and grateful for the opportunity to share our work with the global reproductive medicine community at ESHRE 2023. We remain committed to advancing the use of AI in fertility treatments and are excited about the potential impact our work could have on improving patient outcomes. We look forward to continuing our research and sharing our findings at future events.

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