We finished the Tech4Eva program

Time of publication: 6 months ago

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We finished the Tech4Eva program

The previous week saw the culmination conference of the Tech4Eva – The global Femtech accelerator program, in which we have been participating for the past nine months. 💥

Our Ula Sankowska presented on our behalf the results of our work during this time and recent successes.

The months spent with the 2023 cohort were full of inspiration and new experiences, which we translated into our daily work so that the whole team could benefit. 🤲

For this we would like to say a big thank you to both the participants and the organisers, without whom Tech4Eva would not have been possible.

More about the Tech4Eva program:

Cohort 2023:
Adira-health BEYOND GENOMiX CareMother Egal Pads, Inc Hale HEALTHY-LONGER GmbH Hyivy Health Intignus Biotech Pvt Ltd Loma Womb Malaica Manina Medtech Neuraura Mihna by NuroKor Femtech Palpa® Predilife Ru Medical Samphire Neuroscience SelfCerve | WakeUp Pelvic

Founding Partner:
EPFL Innovation Park

Thank you! 🔥

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