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New Podcast Featuring Our CSO, Piotr Sankowski: A Deep Dive into AI and Decision-making

Time of publication: 11 months ago

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New Podcast Featuring Our CSO, Piotr Sankowski: A Deep Dive into AI and Decision-making

We’re thrilled to announce that our Chief Scientific Officer, Piotr Sankowski, recently featured in a fascinating podcast episode, discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in influencing human decision-making.

The podcast, titled “Podkast 57. Katarzyna Szymielewicz i Piotr Sankowski: Sztuczna inteligencja każe przemyśleć wyjaśnialność decyzji ludzi,” was hosted by Projekt Pulsar. Piotr was invited as a guest speaker alongside Katarzyna Szymielewicz, a legal scholar specializing in human rights in the context of new technologies and the president of the Panoptykon Foundation.

In this engaging conversation, Piotr and Katarzyna tackled the challenging subject of explainability in AI models, especially those as complex as language models like ChatGPT. They debated the significance of understanding the underlying processes within the model versus understanding the intentions of the people who build and commission the creation of these models. Szymielewicz underscored the importance of transparency in the latter, both in legal regulation and external evaluation.

The podcast also delved into the potential implications of AI on users, particularly those who rely on AI models to formulate opinions and make decisions. They examined the increasing trust in AI suggestions, even when they contradict an individual’s intuition, and the challenges that might arise from this dependency.

The podcast extends beyond these discussions, touching upon the protection of privacy, the power dynamics in information access, and the potential for generative models to unearth unrecognized patterns in human behavior. It also addresses the need to rethink intellectual property rights in the context of AI and the societal right to use models built on publicly-generated data.

You can listen to the full podcast [here].

Please note that the podcast is in Polish. If you’re not a Polish speaker, we recommend using translation software to understand the content better.

We’re proud to see Piotr sharing his expertise in such a significant platform, contributing to the global conversation about the ethical and practical challenges of AI in our society.

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