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Podcast 74: Piotr Sankowski: Let’s not be afraid of AI, let’s make our own

Time of publication: 3 months ago

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Podcast 74: Piotr Sankowski: Let’s not be afraid of AI, let’s make our own

🎧 We’re excited to bring to your attention a recent podcast episode that, although presented in Polish, touches on a subject close to all of our hearts: the advancement of artificial intelligence in the scientific world.

Our CSO, Piotr Sankowski, sat down with journalist Karol Jałochowski to discuss the unfolding narrative at OpenAI, the entity behind the innovative AI language model known as GPT. They delve into the organization’s recent leadership changes and the shift in their approach from philosophical reflection to a more business-oriented strategy.

Beyond the headlines, Piotr provides a thoughtful examination of AI’s evolution and its growing impact on our culture and daily practices. The podcast explores how AI is increasingly integrated into scientific research and education, evolving from a tool of convenience to a cornerstone of innovation.

The conversation also emphasizes the importance of staying at the forefront of AI research and application, a sentiment that we, as a medical community, can certainly appreciate. Engaging with these developments now is crucial to ensure we remain active participants in shaping the future of healthcare.

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