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Polish media about us:

Time of publication: 6 months ago

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Polish media about us:

We’re thrilled to share with our international audience a recent feature about MIM Fertility on, highlighting our groundbreaking work in combating infertility. The article delves into how our team, driven by the motto “Everyone deserves to be a parent,” is revolutionizing IVF processes through artificial intelligence.

The piece emphasizes infertility as a growing global health issue, a challenge we at MIM Fertility are passionately addressing. It spotlights Urszula Sankowska, our co-founder and co-CEO, who leads our efforts in transforming healthcare with innovative AI solutions.

Our journey, rooted in personal experience, has led to the development of technologies like FOLLISCAN and EMBRYOAID, designed to enhance medical processes and improve patient outcomes. This coverage is a testament to our commitment to providing hope and advanced solutions to millions worldwide struggling with infertility.

Read the full article [PL] to discover more about our impactful journey and innovative technologies at MIM Fertility. Join us in our mission to redefine healthcare and make parenthood a reality for all.

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