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Will technology in medicine cease to be just an invention? – Ula Sankowska to #NOMAD Podcast, Poland 2.0

Time of publication: 3 months ago

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Will technology in medicine cease to be just an invention? – Ula Sankowska to #NOMAD Podcast, Poland 2.0


A few months ago, our inspiring CEO, Ula Sankowska, had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Poland 2.0 community, a platform connecting Polish students and young professionals across Europe. The interview was part of the #NOMAD Podcast and was conducted in Polish.

The discussion centered around an exciting question: “Will technology in medicine cease to be just an invention?” Ula shared valuable insights into how technology is revolutionizing healthcare, a subject close to the mission of MIM Fertility.

The Poland 2.0 community is hosting its annual Summit on September 22 in Warsaw, an event not to be missed if you are interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact. We highly recommend tuning into the podcast and participating in the upcoming Summit.

For those of you interested, the podcast is available in Polish, making it accessible to the wider Polish community.

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